Within the framework of the project "Aagvi Local Action Group" , the Aragvi brand "SAMMTISA" was created with the active involvement of Lagi members and community representatives.

The brand combines various services in Pshav, Gudamakhar and Khevsureti, which will be focused on creating and offering a quality product. Examples of local intangible culture, such as, for example, traditions, etc., are also important for the brand


The purpose of the brand is:

  • Development of tourism

  • Raising awareness and positioning of the region

  • Establishing the Aragvi brand as a mark of quality

  • Raising the quality of local services and products


The name "Sammtisa" represents the unity of the above-mentioned three communities: Pshavi, Khevsureti and Gudamakri. The logo represents a well-known and frequently used water cutler in the mountains, which is a sign of our quality.